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Monitoreo CO2

In the project only involved people of good will, professionals and companies from different countries independent of their governments. This project aims to collect objective data, ppm CO2 at a global level, to obtain accurate information and recommendations with details of our environmental impact and economic, quantified with respect to the carbon footprint, climate change, global warming and its effects.

The set of professionals grouped in the NGO they decide to tackle the project monitoring of CO2

Sabemos que la producción de CO2 es inevitable e inherente a la actividad humana, su impacto, tanto en lo económico para las personas como el calentamiento global, las diferentes causas y consecuencias de la huella de carbono y los daños irreversibles en el ambiente a nivel global.

Are the object of the project recommendations and justifications quantitative with respect to the balance between care for the environment and a sustainable economy.

The same will be based on a constant measurement of ppm CO2 at different points of the planet, which will allow to collect data to do an analysis of the variation of CO2, and drive a project to assess the risk, quantify the cost of the losses, that would justify a campaign of diffusion, and the formation of social consciousness to the care of the environment, with real bases of actual measurements, that today, the weather systems are under the control of the governments do not share.

The idea of this project is to share information for the good of the entire planet, without political, religious or country borders.
As a layer that surrounds the planet to take care of him.

Who are we?

We are a group of international professionals committed to the future of humanity, and we do not represent countries or government institutions.
We leverage ourselves with the contribution of private companies, institutions and universities that do not receive financial contributions from governments.


If you live in an isolated area and have internet access, installing a meter on your antenna would be of great help for the development of the project in the first phase.
In addition, as a participant you will be able to:
  • Receive and provide information.
  • Participate in meetings.
  • Support the project from the moral.
  • Mediante la difusión ayudando a tomar conciencia.
  • Integrar equipos para las diferentes disciplinas.
  • Trabajar de forma remota en libertad y obtener una remuneración.
  • Invertir, donar e integrar RP

You can offer your services and work in the project to receive a remuneration commensurate to the performance and results of your work.
Also get the public recognition spreading her participation in the project

You can also participate to receive shares of the project as payment for his work.


You can donate money anonymously or public that will be used for the payment of fees and expenses of workers that are rented.
On behalf of a private company, always and when you do not have state participation, you will be able to deduct your contribution to the payment of taxes and more public stance of the brand for their company.

You can also donate part of their time; and participating in meetings, researching, integrating computers, generating documentation, verifying data, organizing and contributing to their work on a voluntary basis.
In the future will be able to leverage your brand or company in a gallery of fame next to be created.


The project brings together all the features to become a success not only for humanity but also inexpensive for those who invest in it.
It is planned the issuance of shares of the project which without a doubt will rise sharply in value as they go about achieving the goals.

We know that it is an investment of risk, but the reward is high.


The future of humanity starting from the age in which consciousness is formed, in the first steps, so that love and education predispose the personality and behavior of the infant to be a good person, respectful of the environment.

The adult in charge of the minor (father, mother, guardian or person in charge) can register the minor as a participant by entering their data in the registration form and clarifying this situation in comments.

You will be able to receive didactic kits and games, children's reading books, seeds...


The young people who participate in the project, always under the supervision of an adult, will receive information that will arouse their curiosity, encourage them to study and experiment in intellectual development.

You will be able to participate in development teams with whom you will socialize and learn to work as a team.

Develop ideas for kits for Infants, youth and adults as well as improvements for them.

You can participate in contests and get prizes.


Adults participate in various ways, contributing work (in donation, income or investment), spreading the word in their networks to take advantage of the PR, obtaining points that will increase the possibility of obtaining a "Tesla eco Bike" free of charge.

Referral program

Each participant has a code to invite other people and share the benefits of participating in the project.

Whoever shares their code, for each referral they participate, gets points that can be exchanged for prizes, shares or money.

Only those who have a referral code (RP) can register and enter the system.

This code can be obtained through a friend who is already part of the program or by registering a mobile application to help make Security 4.0

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